Data-Driven Product Management Bootcamp for Decision Makers 

Data Product Management Bootcamp for Decision Makers


The workshop will help product managers level up their product leadership skills. Expect to work through collaborative exercises alongside other smart, creative product leaders who want to enhance their skills at both identifying the right products and features and building the support to do so.

What are the responsibilities of Data PM:

  • Build new products by organizing teams of ML researchers and engineers who build, optimize, scale, and integrate new research results.
  • Work closely with analytics-focused data scientists to track user behavior
  • Bring to machine learning (ML) focused data scientists and test data-driven modeling solutions.
  • Enable data engineers to build the right infrastructure and deliver robust data pipelines.

What you will learn:

  • Key analytic technologies and techniques, e.g. predictive modeling and clustering, and how these can play a role in managerial decision making
  • How to effectively manage the analytical processes and use the results of these processes as the basis for making informed, evidence-based decisions
  • How companies can use analytics as the basis for creating value

You will learn the tools and techniques to become a data-driven or “evidence-based” manager.

Which companies have already applied?

Google, Airbnb, and Skyscanner have all applied machine learning into every step of their user experience.

If you’re excited to tackle problems like these on top product teams, join us and pre-register. Data PM is the next for your career and company move. Some companies is starting to hire Data PM. The trainer is experienced Data PM in several companies and have sold out 2 startups in SF and an experienced trainer and implemented data-driven product management successfully.  In Silicon Valley, New York, London already started to train their employees, Beyond Machine will be the first one which offers the data-driven product management training.

If you are interested in private corporate training. Please contact us individually.