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Product Management Interview Series #1: How to build a product roadmap?

Product Management Interview Series #1 Product Roadmap It is also published by Medium Why did I start this series: I am switching my career […]

What Happens When You Hire a Data Scientist Without a Data Engineer?

Hey Folks, Guest Post by Vladislav Supalov I’m Vladislav! If you care about AI, machine learning, and data science, you should have heard […]

Why is it important to know Data Science? If you are a Product or Business Decision Maker

By Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis Data science can be difficult to understand. It is a field that spans a history of more than 100 […]

The Right Way to Build A Build A Recommender System For A Startup

The Right Way to Build A Recommender System For A Startup? The original article is published here.  A recommender system is the kind of service […]