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  • Sale! AI Bootcamp for decision maker

    AI and Data Science Bootcamp Berlin for Decision Makers

    329 259
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  • Sale! ML&DL Bootcamp Berlin

    Deep Learning Bootcamp- Building Recommender Systems

    399 279
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  • DL Bootcamp Anomaly Detection and time series forecasting

    Deep Learning Bootcamp: Anomaly Detection and Time Series Forecasting by Chief Data Scientist at IBM

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  • Sale! DL Bootcamp Berlin March 2019

    Machine Learning & Deep Learning Bootcamp Predictive Analysis & Recommender System-2 Days Intensive Training

    699 649
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  • ML&DL Berlin- Recommender System

    Machine Learning & Deep Learning Training & Bootcamp: Building Recommender System on Keras

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  • Sale! ML Bootcamp Berlin

    Machine Learning Bootcamp- Predictive Analysis and Introduction of Neural Language Processing

    399 329
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  • DL bootcamp text analysis berlin SOLD OUT

    Deep Learning Bootcamp: Image Classification and Text Analysis with PyTorch

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