Product Management Interview Series #1: How to build a product roadmap?

Product Management Interview Series #1 Product Roadmap

Why did I start this series: I am switching my career to focus on being a product manager. I have gone through quite an amount of product manager interviews recently. After several rejections, I decided to document my learning from those interviews.

What: There are numerous articles out there talk about all the potential interview questions of product management. However, there are not many articles talked about real interview questions and answers. Therefore, some bite-sized articles of Q&A would provide tremendous help.

For whom: For PM job seekers as well as people who consider becoming PM after school or you just simply want to know more about product management.

How to build a product roadmap?

To build a product roadmap, there are several ways, the one method that I recently learned and loved is a goal-oriented roadmap a.k.a Go Roadmap introduced by Roman Pichler.

To simply explained, this type of roadmap is focused on the goals and define the goals first and in order to set up the goal, you ask relevant questions like why do we need this? What are the benefits and purpose? Give some example, a 1st quarter could be an acquisition for the app and 2nd quarter can turn to activation. Furthermore, you decide which feature will help you achieve your goal and what are the exact metrics to measure your product success? (Metric is important, you need outcome not just output!)

Why is it an ideal way of a building product roadmap? (Tip: PM interviewer always want to know why, why, why? Even they do not ask, you should always provide the reason “why”)

I am a big advocator of Lean, probably because of my entrepreneur background. I believe that setting up the goal first to develop product and feature would help to decrease unnecessarily work such as debating features, to help other stakeholders to understand better and agree on strategic objectives, and making smart investment decisions and allocate the team resources.

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