Blockchain Business Bootcamp for business and finance- KPMG led instructor

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I. Presentation with Q&A session
what is decentralized ledger technology (DLT)? // what is a blockchain?
what are cryptographic tokens? // what is bitcoin? // what are altcoins?
what effects has DLT on the finance sector? // Can tokens be classified as financial
II. Hands-on session
How to procure bitcoin // How to procure altcoin // How to operate the ‘Ledger Nano S’
hardware wallet
III. Test & feedback session

I. Each participant need to
Passes final test with 75% correct answers
Has sent & received bitcoin with ‘Ledger Nano S’ hardware wallet
Has sent & received Ether and Litecoin with ‘Ledger Nano S’ hardware wallet


presentation & QA max. 90 min
hands on session (appr). 20 min / participant
Test 15 min
QA & Feedback max 45 min
TOTAL 3h 50m (4 participants)