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Data-Driven Product Management Bootcamp for Decision Makers


Berlin, June 15th 2018

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The data-driven product Bootcamp by Taner Akcok¹ will help product managers and other product practitioners level up their decision making skills. Expect to work through collaborative exercises alongside other smart, creative product leaders who want to enhance their skills at both identifying the right products and features to build and building the support to do so.



What is the probability of heads or tails when we flip a coin? 50%? Unfortunately, no! If we consider all the variables in the equation such as the initial force applied when flipping, gravity, air resistance, etc. there is no probability of the coin.


Now, here is the question!


What is the probability of creating an innovative product? 0.0001%? Definitely no! If product managers can consider right market metrics and trends by proper CMI (Competitor Market Intelligence) data, digital analytics insights, market research, and useful customer feedbacks etc., there is no probability about building a successful and innovative product.

In this Bootcamp, we will be working on methodologies and frameworks about finding the answer of main innovation driver question: “WHY?!” and applying these methodologies to your daily work.


Data Driven Product Management Bootcamp includes 10 Learning Modules, find the outline in below:

Module 1: Industry 4.0 and Innovation Management

  • History of Industry Revolution
  • Introduction to Industry 4.0
  • Innovation Management in Industry 4.0
  • Product Management in Industry 4.0

Module 2: Innovation Management in Product Management

  • Starting with WHY by Simon Sinek
  • Introduction to Data Driven Product Management Framework
  • Data Driven Product Management Framework for Innovators

Module 3: Data-Driven Product Management Framework | Marketing Research

  • Introduction to Marketing Research
  • How to Read Market Research
  • Marketing Research Methodologies
    • Internal / External Factors
    • Quantitive Analyses
  • How to Use Marketing Researches in Product Management

Module 4: Data-Driven Product Management | Competitor Market Intelligence

  • Introduction to Competitor Market Intelligence
  • Value Proposition Comparison
  • Feature Set Comparison
  • Product / Market Positioning Strategy

Module 5: Data-Driven Product Management | Internal Feedback Evaluation

  • Function of Pre-Sales in Product Management
  • Function of Sales in Product Management
  • Function of Consulting in Product Management
  • Function of Customer Services in Product Management
  • Function of IT in Product Management
  • Business Value Calculation

Module 6: Data-Driven Product Management | Digital Analytics

  • Introduction to Digital Analytics and Data Centralization
  • Reading/Understanding Different Type of Analyses
  • Customer Lifecycle Monitoring
  • Introduction to Product SaaS Marketing Funnels
  • Digital Analytics in Product Management

Module 7: Data-Driven Product Management | Customer Feedback

  • Customer Feedback Gathering Strategy
  • Clustering Customer Feedback
  • Customer Feedback Evaluation
  • Using Customer Feedback in Product Management

Module 8: Creating Value Added Information

  • What is Product Concept?
  • Introduction to Product Concept Template
  • How to Write Product Concept

Module 9: Measuring the Performance

  • Measuring the Performance of Tech Team
  • Measuring the Performance of the Product
  • Introduction to Product Performance Hypothesis
  • How to Create Product Performance Hypothesis
  • How to Validate Product Performance Hypothesis

Module 10: Building a Product Roadmap

  • Introduction to Product Roadmap
  • Introduction to Prioritized Product Backlog
  • Building and Prioritizing Product Roadmap and Backlog
  • Managing Product Roadmap, Iterations, Bugs and Quick Fixes



The workshop is ideal for startup founders, product leaders, marketing leaders, product managers, product designers, product marketers, user experience designers, user researchers, engineering leaders, data analysts, and other product practitioners looking to level up their skills at product strategy and design or driving internal change.


Whether you just got started in a new job, got a new assignment from your boss, or have been developing a sense that your existing product needs a change in investment or direction, this workshop for product leaders will equip you with tools and techniques you can use to build agreement as you build out your product strategy and roadmap.


You will discover which tools to use and learn the techniques to become a data-driven manager. If you’re excited to tackle problems such as these within top product teams.



¹Taner Akcok started his career at Microsoft. After 4 years of Microsoft experience, he started his own startup at Silicon Valley. His startup became 2nd Fastest Growing B2B Startup in the World according to Business Insider. He sold his company to Nomad Commerce in 2016 and moved to Berlin. He was working as a VP of Product Management at Webtrekk GmbH in last 2 years. He just became a Managing Director at FinLeap Consumer Platform. He implements data-driven product management framework to drive the innovation to all companies that he joins. He studied Business Administration in Istanbul University and Innovation Management at Stanford University.


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