Deep Learning Bootcamp: Anatomy Detection and Time Series Forecasting by Chief Data Scientist at IBM

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Our favorite trainer- Romeo Kienzler is back in town if you want to have the same quality in-person course with the trainer from Coursera. This is your best shot.

You will be able to easily access Coursera courses after our Bootcamp.

  • Introduction to deep learning

  • Deep Learning Frameworks (TensorFlow and Keras)

  • Deep Learning Applications

    1. Introduction to Anomaly Detection

    2. How to implement an anomaly detector (1/2)

    3. How to implement an anomaly detector (2/2)

    4. How to deploy a real-time anomaly detector

    5. Introduction to Time Series Forecasting

Instructed by Romeo Kienzler, Chief Data Scientist at IBM

Romeo Kienzler works as Chief Data Scientist in the IBM Watson IoT World Wide team helping clients to apply advanced machine learning at scale on their IoT sensor data. His current research focus is on scalable machine learning on Apache Spark. He is a contributor to various open source projects and works as associate professor of artificial intelligence at a Swiss university. Romeo Kienzler is a member of the IBM Technical Expert Council and the IBM Academy of Technology – IBM’s leading brain trusts. #ibmaot

This is an intermediate to an advanced session. You need to have some programming skills. Linear Algebra fundamentals is a plus. Knowledge of the Apache Spark Dataframe API is also a plus.

Who should attend?

  • The developer, who already know Python and think about switching to be data scientists

  • Data scientist, who wants to improve or learn more projects outside of work?

  • Data analyst, analyze data cannot satisfy you anymore, you want to learn how to write a magical algorithm?


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